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Criz overseas education has experience working with overseas, making strategic partnerships with fascinating international universities and institution. Criz is the prominent and reliable education consultancy assisting the students who are eager to study overseas. Our team consists of proficient and eminent personalities who holds praiseworthy experience. We do not only take care of the procedure but also take care of the students perspective. We provide them with full disclosure of all the processes and maintain the transparency. It being the fact that we knuckle down towards students career primarily and secondary being an area of interest of the student.

We cover everything blow by blow that being application formalities, admission process, scholarship and visa officialisms for every student, keeping whole thing self-evident as for the student apprehension. We fully vindicate proper knowledge and support baring not even a single student who visits us. We take care that those who come to us get the full guidance and unveil the opportunities waiting for you overseas. We take rest only after making sure the student flies soundly towards their exquisite dreams.

Here's why you choose us!

Education overseas is a big question itself but we cover everything step by step. We guide you, unveiling all the necessary data regarding your education overseas. We cover every point from needle to a machinery clearing your thoughts and doubts. We offer full program including preparation of the exams like GRE, TOEFEL, ILETS, ACT, SAT and many more & formalities along with the moral support one needs. The advantage we provide is the affordable pay structure and developing ones mind-set which will be very familiar and adaptable according to the overseas atmosphere. And the cherry on top facility being the work visa formalities after the completion of institutional formalities i.e. courses.


To embellish the quality of higher education without letting students face issues in the coming times when it comes to further education, career and life overseas.


Providing students a platform where they will themselves pick their preferred university worldwide.

Core Values

Providing students a platform where they will themselves pick their preferred university worldwide.

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